Peter Zelchenko

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InfoComm Data Cartridge Library. Design and implementation. While working at InfoComm Electronic Prepress in the 1990s, I was faced with the problem of our keeping track of hundreds of data cartridges for shuttling intermediate work to and from customers. In those days, an 88 MB SyQuest cartridge cost well over a hundred dollars. Optical cartridges were even more. In those days, prepress facilities used "sneakernet" rather than the Internet for their massive graphics files.

I designed this library system to be accompanied by a punch clock, so that anyone could easily check a cartridge out and later back in. We also would have a record of the checkout in the library, so that staff would be able to locate a checked-out cartridge and contact the borrower for its return. The form factors, the economizing of space on the cards, all aspects of the design were carefully considered.