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Logomarks, Lettering, Calligraphy. Boy, it turns out I've done a lot of this over the years. I guess I should show some.

I think this was one of my first designs, for a local Boy Scout event. It was a really big deal for me when my dad took me to the embroidery company and I got to see the design embroidered. This work is now done by computer, but as little as 15 years ago it was still done with these bizarre pantagraphic sewing machines, where the original drawing was enlarged to a giant template, which burly men would then trace with a giant needle, which the machine would in turn transfer to a bunch of patches at once.

A few logos. From left to right: PASR (in Bauhaus!), Black Inc. (graphic arts firm; look at the splash on the period), Interface magazine #1, Interface magazine #2, Vostok (chromatography company), DuPage Illini Alumni Club, Building Learner Centered Schools (education conference), VolumeOne (book printing).

I wish I had more calligraphy to put up here, but I have tended to use it in my design work, so it's incorporated into a lot of print products. I'm not into the "envelope addressing" calligraphy thing from the suburbs (though I have done a little of that, with both flat and pointed pen). Not into calligraphy as an elite art form, either. More into using letters with historical precision and good craft in design projects. This was for a page I did explaining the historical provenance of our modern letter E, which was a series in the Chicago Calligraphy Collective's magazine.

Pencil drawing for Medved (now TD Ameritrade) QuoteTracker. This I scanned and traced in Illustrator. Just so you can see the level of attention that has to go into every curve, so that it can reproduce at huge sizes as well as minuscule. Below, how small it needs to get for icons. The same logo in action in the QuoteTracker product:

For an orchestra concert sweepstakes, if I remember right. These are pencils, just to show the variety of thinking and brainstorming on even a simple project.