Peter Zelchenko

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A logo for a used car company in Urbana. It was rumored to have been enlarged to a large sign, but I never saw it and it was gone when I looked for it. Their motto: "The Low-Profit King." (Get it?)

This was one of a series of caricatures I did of "regulars" at the Gingerman on Clark. They used to be up on the wall in the pool room before the new owners took over.

For a "save the date" notice for a community organization.

Illustration for an anniversary card from a Russian immigrant to his wife. Hooray for capitalism!

Concept for the hero of a comic strip or graphic novel.

Self-portrait, for a column I was writing for GemStar eBookNet. Hence the printed book.

For Steve Dahl's line of T-shirts for his Lake Effect stores. He was selling T-shirts of bizarre imaginary restaurants and things like that. This was for some kind of crab house restaurant. I don't think this one was ever produced, but I did the art for lots of their T-shirts.

For an Italian restaurant, if I recall right.