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Once upon a time, on a cave in France, all recorded information was figures of animals on a wall. That was the news, the movies, advertising, junkmail, and art. It was all of those things, and nothing else but the cave paintings were those things.

By the 20th Century, these things had proliferated into ten thousand different kinds of information, from punchcards, to magazines, to screen banner ads. And, in our new century, the media are converging again. Those with the ability to draw on their experience and recognize these phenomena are the ones who will interpret new and old media in just the right way, and use each for its best purpose.

I've had ink under my fingers from running a press, Jolt in my veins from beating on code, plaster dust in my hair from reworking a client's kitchen wall. Design runs as a theme through my life in ways I probably haven't even realized. But flat art is what I've done the most of, whether it be calligraphy and logos, layouts for offset printing, marker illustration for advertising, and so many other things. From metal type, to T-square, to keyboard and mouse, I can't shake where I come from, from my past. But it all looks toward the future.

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