It Happened Four Years Ago: Mayor Daley's Brutal Conquest of Chicago's First Ward

The experts on It Happened Four Years Ago by Peter Zelchenko

"A fascinating new book. ...The inside story about how aldermanic elections are decided in this town. For anyone who loves Chicago politics, this book is a must-read." --Steve Neal, Chicago Sun-Times

"Peter Zelchenko's book, with its extensive documentation, gives the most complete view yet of how the power at City Hall is used against independent aldermanic and mayoral candidates. This city administration has a lot to answer for." --Dick Simpson, professor of political science and former 44th Ward alderman

"Astounding book...a remarkable political detective story." --Leon Despres, attorney and former 5th Ward alderman

"The research is impressive... . It is the kind of citizen responsibility that is sorely needed." --Jack Mabley, veteran columnist

Because of the large number of graphics in the book, it is a very large file. There are two versions to download from each site. The file "FourYearsAgoLow.pdf" (1.4 MB) contains images at extremely low resolution, so low that you will not be able to make out most of the graphics. It is mainly for reading the text. The file "FourYearsAgo.pdf" (39.2 MB) has full-resolution graphics. We recommend downloading the low-resolution one first and then, if you would like to see the images more clearly, either download the higher-resolution file or get the printed book.

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